Friday, May 8, 2015

Our Adventure Quest

          Our story has a theme of Adventure Time. Finn and Jake must go through the jungle and get The Magical Candy Sword. They also must go through obstacles and defeat their enemies. If they can complete the quest and get through the Ice King, they will be successful. My partner and I made it by using Keynote. We were glad it was a successful story, even though making the slides was confusing. I liked the fact that our class was able to work with partners and that we got to pick our own adventures. I didn't like the fact that it was confusing when we made the slides. Overall, I thought this was a fun project and I enjoyed it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Travel Report

Montreal, Canada
Imagine visiting a beautiful, French-Canadian city that is peaceful and stunning. This sensational city is named Montreal. Montreal is located in Canada and is the second largest city in that country. It is also the second largest French-speaking city in the world, after Paris. I am going to be explaining what represents Montreal, the food and sports, and their everyday culture.
As you probably know, Canada is known for producing maple syrup. Montreal is notorious for making up 85% of the maple syrup in Canada. Another important thing in this city is its hundreds of elegant churches. Most people go to Montreal just to see the churches because of their beauty and history. The art galleries, museums, and music are also interesting places to visit.
Something that is important to Montreal is their food and sports. The most common foods found there is maple syrup, bagels, and smoked meat. Two sports often played there are professional football and ice hockey. Ice Hockey is their most famous, well-known sport. Montreal is proud to be home for their hockey team, named the Montreal Canadiens.
Culture in the city is what makes them unique and special. Montreal is all about eating. They have the finest restaurants and the waiters won’t come every five minutes and bug you as you’re eating. Also, Montreal has a custom of kissing someone on both cheeks as a friendly greeting. This custom is just a way of saying hello. The climate in Montreal consists of warm, humid summers and very cold winters.
Montreal, Canada is definitely somewhere I am going to be visiting someday because there are many things to do there. I hope you want to visit there, too.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Why I Want to go to College

“Always follow your dreams and you will succeed.” That’s what I often hear from my parents. I’ve had so many dreams in the past. At age eight, I wanted to be a singer. At age nine, I wanted to be a vet. Age 10, a doctor or scientist. Now I want to be a teacher and maybe a movie producer or actor, but I realize that I will always hold on to my goals in life so I can become something` great. I know college will educate me and prepare me for life.

My goals when I grow up are important to me. I really want to become a teacher because I love little kids. I’m also hoping to visit many places around the world. I would also love to become a movie producer or actor because movies are fun. I believe I can accomplish my goals and succeed. 

Education is a big part of life. College will inspire me and help me achieve my goals. “College is beneficial because it builds character, provides valuable experience, prepares students for careers, allows them to explore new opportunities, and gives them the chance to meet new lifetime friends.” Mr. Jaques told me.

I am inspired by so many people. My mom and dad always tell me to do my best and keep trying, and to never give up. I am also inspired by my English teacher, Mrs. Morrow because she’s not just an English teacher. She is a volleyball coach, technology teacher, good at taking pictures, exc. I think inspiration is very impactful for me.

College is my main goal. I know I will be going to college to learn, meet new friends, and accomplish more goals, because when I’m old and on my death bed, I want to look back at life and be proud of what I did.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Shape Poem

sunny days, soft sand,
cool water, sea shells
ice cream, beach ball
warm sunshine,
swimming, walking barefoot

Friday, December 12, 2014

List Poem

The Irish capital
such a beautiful
place to live
where the biggest
shamrock is
a perfect town
not too big,
not too small
It's not just a town,
it's home
so be proud
of this town
where we take
pride in being
the Eagles

Persona Poem

I am tired of being used,
over and over.
Everyday I shrink,
getting smaller...
and smaller.
I'm used for taking away words on paper,
I should have more respect.
When I'm not needed, I'm locked up inside a jail.
Oh how I am tired
of being over-used.