Friday, August 29, 2014


Here is my room, it’s not very big. First thing you should see is my white door. It is one of those foldable doors that folds when you open it. The diamond- shaped mirror is what you would see if you entered my room. Hanging by just one nail, that mirror is very strong. There are two closets near to the door of my room. They are kind of hard to see so you probably wouldn't notice them. In front of the closet you can walk into, my lime green bungee chair sits, green and round. Then you would approach my wooden dresser full of clothes, socks, and headbands. I also keep my tablet in there just because I will know where it is. Sitting on the wooden dresser is my alarm clock and my special brown cat lamp. My cat lamp has different shades of brown and has green eyes. It is made from a type of tough glass, so it is heavy. 
And then there is my twin bed, with its bubblegum colored cover with different kinds of flower prints. By my bed you would see a table with baskets of perfumes and scented lotions given to me by my Grandma. Across the room is my small, old TV. It sits on top of my old armoire, full of Strawberry Shortcake stickers from when I was about five or six. I hardly ever use my TV, so it just collects dust. Then you will see my little, fancy jar of polished, colored pebbles sitting by my TV. My Grandpa spends most of his time cutting hair at the barber shop, but sometimes he will polish rocks for me. By my jar of pretty pebbles, is my special angel statue, also from my Grandpa who lives in California. Dolphins swim at the feet of the angel with sparkles on her pink wings. I am rich beyond measure.

Friday, August 22, 2014