Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Writing a Name Poem

It means caring, laughing, trustworthy
It is the number is 64
It is like a flamingo
It is spending time with cousins
It is the memory of my family
Who taught me love and honesty
When they watch me grow up
My name is Kateri
It means achievement and believing

Sunday, November 23, 2014

What does achievement mean to me? After watching the Blindsight about blind kids  climbing Mt. Everest, I felt like I could achieve anything. 

Achievement to me means accomplishing something big or small. You may not reach your may goal, but you will most likely achieve something. Achievement isn't always about winning. Taking chances is a form of achievement. Always do your hardest and you will accomplish something

In the movie they wanted to climb to the top of the mountain. They didn't make it, but they went to an ice palace near to it. They worked really hard getting through the base camps like going through harsh weather and getting headaches. They were encountering these things being blind, which is amazing.

Achievement relates to my life when I accomplish something. I accomplish a lot of things, big and small. Last year I got mostly A’s all year long and that was a real big deal. I also have goals. I am learning how to play the drums and hopefully be able to play them well by the time I'm fifteen. 

Friday, November 14, 2014


Freedom in America
“Freedom isn’t free.” What do you think of when you hear these words? What does Freedom mean to you? Freedom is not free because our veterans fight and sacrifice for freedom. Freedom in the USA is important because of the flag, ways to celebrate freedom, and what it means to me. 

What does freedom mean to me? Freedom is liberty, sacrificing, and being able to choose and vote. Veterans have to leave their families to go out and fight for our freedom. They have to be brave and they sacrifice so much. A lot of them will die fighting for America. I think freedom is very important, imagine life without it. You wouldn't have a lot of the luxuries and other stuff you have. You would not have the right to vote. Also, you would not be able to have religious freedom. Let us be proud we are Americans and stop by our veterans and say thank you. It means a lot to them to be told thank you for all they have done. Veterans are amazing people and they are very, very important.

Celebrating freedom is amazing. There are many different ways to celebrate freedom in this country. If you have a family member who has served or is serving this country to come home, make a party for them. If you go to Norfolk on the Fourth of July, you might go to the parade or to the Big Bang Boom. The Big Bang Boom is a huge firework show at a big pond in Norfolk. We go every year. There are many huge fireworks and lots of food. Another way to celebrate freedom is on Veteran’s Day. Yesterday was Veteran’s Day and we went to the gym to listen to a Veteran’s Day program. Be proud that you are American and show that you are proud. 

I am sure that you have seen the American flag everywhere. Court houses, in the school, at football games (and other games), in people’s yards, and of course other places. This flag that you see represents our freedom. Look at all of the fifty stars on the left side. Those stand for all of the fifty states in this amazing country. There are thirteen stripes and those stand for the thirteen colonies. The red on the flag symbolizes valor and bravery. The blue symbolizes justice and vigilance and the white stands for purity and innocence. All of these colors are what make up this flag, which is an important United States symbol.

Freedom is momentous because of what it means to us, ways we can celebrate it, and the history of our flag. We should all take a minute and think about how important freedom is. Next time you see a veteran, look at them and say, “Thank you for your service.” They deserve a nice thank-you for what they do for us.