Friday, February 20, 2015

Why I Want to go to College

“Always follow your dreams and you will succeed.” That’s what I often hear from my parents. I’ve had so many dreams in the past. At age eight, I wanted to be a singer. At age nine, I wanted to be a vet. Age 10, a doctor or scientist. Now I want to be a teacher and maybe a movie producer or actor, but I realize that I will always hold on to my goals in life so I can become something` great. I know college will educate me and prepare me for life.

My goals when I grow up are important to me. I really want to become a teacher because I love little kids. I’m also hoping to visit many places around the world. I would also love to become a movie producer or actor because movies are fun. I believe I can accomplish my goals and succeed. 

Education is a big part of life. College will inspire me and help me achieve my goals. “College is beneficial because it builds character, provides valuable experience, prepares students for careers, allows them to explore new opportunities, and gives them the chance to meet new lifetime friends.” Mr. Jaques told me.

I am inspired by so many people. My mom and dad always tell me to do my best and keep trying, and to never give up. I am also inspired by my English teacher, Mrs. Morrow because she’s not just an English teacher. She is a volleyball coach, technology teacher, good at taking pictures, exc. I think inspiration is very impactful for me.

College is my main goal. I know I will be going to college to learn, meet new friends, and accomplish more goals, because when I’m old and on my death bed, I want to look back at life and be proud of what I did.